University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee - Department of Geography

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Geography was first taught on the site of the present campus under the auspices of the Milwaukee Normal School. Interest on the part of students and faculty members resulted in the creation of the Department of Geography on July l, 1956, coincident with the creation of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 1959, the University undertook the task of building a graduate school. The Masters Degree Program in Geography became one of the first to receive approval in 1963. The doctoral program in Geography, inaugurated officially in the spring of 1966, was among the first three Ph.D. programs.

The Department of Geography offers bachelor's and master's programs of study across a range of systematic, regional, and technical fields, and an innovative Ph.D. program focused on urban environments. The department's strengths lie in three areas of expertise that are incorporated into the programs at all levels.

The Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems is designed for those individuals seeking careers as GIS specialists, providing geographic data management, spatial analysis, and GIS system management support to professionals in a broad range of disciplines, such as criminal justice, health services, city and regional planning, civil and environmental engineering, transportation, and marketing. Certificate holders will seek employment in positions such as "GIS Specialist," "GIS Analyst," or "GIS Coordinator."

Source: Department Website July 2010

Additional Info

  • Department Name: Department of Geography
  • Disciplines and Research Areas: Geography, Environmental Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Political Geography, Regional Geography, Remote Sensing, Sustainability, Spatial Analysis
  • Degrees: Certificate, BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Milwaukee
  • Phone: (414) 229-3942