University of Wisconsin - Madison - Department of Geoscience

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Research in the Department of Geoscience includes studies on all continents, several oceans, and ranges in scale from geophysical investigations thousands of kilometers into the Earth to electron microscopy studies at the Angstrom scale. The department comprises of approximately 20 faculty, 30 technical and support staff, 10 postdoctoral fellows and 70 graduate students, and offers degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Masters and Ph. D. degrees. The curriculum in Earth Sciences at Madison began in 1854, and the Department currently occupies the Lewis G. Weeks Hall for Geological Sciences. This building, constructed in the 1970's-1980's, contains 20 classrooms and teaching laboratories, more than 40 research laboratories, the Geology and Geophysics Library and all other necessary facilities to support the teaching and research objectives of the department including the Geology Museum.

Research and teaching in the Department encompasses all aspects of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and paleontology. While maintaining our traditionally strong emphasis on field studies, we continue to expand our analytical and computer facilities with state-of-the-art laboratories and computers. Approximately $2,000,000 from external research grants is brought into the Department annually, along with gifts from more than 130 individual alumni and 20 industrial sponsors. The Lewis G. Weeks Bequest to the Department provides substantial support for faculty and student research programs. Faculty and students are involved in research projects world wide. Approximately 100 professional reports are published annually by faculty and students, and talks are presented at a variety of national and international scientific meetings. An exceptionally stimulating intellectual environment is provided by approximately 100 course offerings and some 50 guest lectures given annually by scientists from outside the Department. In addition, weekly "brown bag" seminars in all research groups give students and faculty the opportunity to present their ongoing research and discuss it with colleagues.

Source: Department Website July 2010

Additional Info

  • Department Name: Department of Geoscience
  • Disciplines and Research Areas: Geology, Geochemistry, Geomicrobiology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Structure and Tectonics, Paleontology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
  • Degrees: BA, BS, MS, PhD
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Madison
  • Phone: (608) 262-8960