University of Colorado - Boulder - Department of Geological Sciences

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The University of Colorado at Boulder is ideally suited to the study of geological sciences. At the junction of the high plains and the Rocky Mountains, the Boulder area represents a natural outdoor laboratory where you can study geological features of all ages in diverse settings, and observe Earth processes firsthand. Field work in the Rocky Mountain region is an essential part of instruction and research.

The major in geology offers three options, each leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. The Geology Option offers in-depth training in the traditional areas of the geosciences, including a broad scientific and analytical background based on chemistry, physics, and mathematics. The Environmental Geoscience Option is designed for majors who wish a broader, less traditional curriculum. It allows a greater variety of courses to be taken, representing the diverse sub-disciplines of the geosciences, especially those relating to earth hazards, resources, and environmental change. The Geophysics Option is especially designed for those students who wish to pursue a career focusing on the materials, structure, and processes of the Earth's interior, as well as the deformation and dynamics of the Earth. Students who are uncertain as to which option best suits his/her needs should consult a Department advisor. All options provide a strong preparation for graduate study.

The Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder, enrolls over 120 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and is one of the largest and most successful geological sciences graduate programs in the U.S. Our ~thirty tenure and tenure –track faculty members support a wide range of interdisciplinary research programs in global climate change, glaciology, geodynamics, geophysics, surficial processes, hydrogeology, biochemistry, paleontology and economic resources.

Source: Department Website July 2010

Additional Info

  • Department Name: Department of Geological Sciences
  • Disciplines and Research Areas: Geology, Economic Geology, Geochemistry, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Glaciology, Hydrogeology, Structure and Tectonics, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Petroleum Geology, Petrology, Seismology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
  • Degrees: BA, MS, PhD
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Boulder
  • Phone: (303) 492-8141