Portland State University - Department of Geology

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The Department of Geology offers programs leading to the bachelor’s degree in geology, as well as studies in numerical modeling, geochemistry, geomicrobiology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, planetary geology, and environmental geology.

The programs serve both majors in geology and non-majors: those who may wish to broaden their science background; those preparing to teach general or earth sciences or geology in elementary or secondary schools; and those preparing for a master’s or a doctoral degree.

The Department of Geology offers programs leading to the Master of Arts or Master of Science in Geology, with an option in Geohydrology, the Master of Arts in Teaching or Master of Science in Teaching (Science), Certificate Programs, and to the Ph.D. degree in environmental sciences and resources. 

The department is an active participant in the Environmental Sciences and Resources Doctoral Program. Specialized studies in hydrogeology, economic geology, environmental geology, engineering geology, and applied stratigraphy, along with multidisciplinary environmental sciences courses and seminars, will partially fulfill the requirements for the Ph.D. in environmental sciences and resources.  

Source: Department Website July 2010

Additional Info

  • Department Name: Department of Geology
  • Disciplines and Research Areas: Geology, Historical Geology, Geochemistry, Geomicrobiology, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Glaciology, Structure and Tectonics, Mineralogy, Petrology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
  • Degrees: Certificate, BA, BS, MA, MS
  • State: Oregon
  • City: Portland
  • Phone: (503) 725-3022