Northwest Missouri State University - Department of Natural Sciences

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The Department of Geology and Geography offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. A program may also be selected for a Bachelor of Science in Education, Secondary Program, in earth science. The department provides students the opportunity to prepare themselves academically to pursue entry-level positions as professional geologists and geographers, and graduate study in either geology or geography through the Bachelor of Science degree, or to pursue teaching careers at the junior or senior high school level with the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. The Bachelor of Arts degree is more flexibly structured for those students who desire a liberal education with the study of geology or geography to serve as a basis for this education.

The Department of Geology and Geography at Northwest Missouri State University offers a completely online Master of Science degree in Geographic Information Science (GIScience). The focus of this program is applied GIScience as used in industry and the public sector. The online Master's program includes courses on many aspects of GIScience such as geostatistics, cartography, remote sensing, and GIS.  The target population for the online Master's program consists of people working in business or government who wish to use GIS technology for managing geographic data and solving geo-spatial problems, and who need in-depth knowledge that goes beyond the mechanics of using GIS software. Those in academia who want to use GIS as a tool to conduct research in their discipline may also be interested in the courses.

Source: Department Website July 2010

Additional Info

  • Department Name: Department of Natural Sciences
  • Disciplines and Research Areas: Geography, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Geology
  • Degrees: Certificate, BA, BS, MS, Online
  • State: Missouri
  • City: Maryville
  • Phone: (660) 562-1388