Grambling State University - Department of History and Geography

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Geography Program

The objectives of the Area of Geography are: (1) to develop students' ability to use geographic techniques in the analysis of problems they will meet in the future, (2) to give basic training in the fundamentals of Geography, (3) to bring about better understanding of all regions of the world, (4) to show how interrelated and dependent one area is on another, and (5) to develop consciousness of the ecological factors.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Geography is offered for those who complete the outlined program of study and meet the requirements of the Area of Geography and the College of Liberal Arts. Area of Concentration: For a major in geography a student must earn at least thirty (30) semester hours in geography, including GEO 201, 308, 312, 313, and 405; the other fifteen (15) hours may be selected from courses in geography in the 300 and 400 series. See Department Head or Advisor for Specifics.

Source: Department Website August 2016

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